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Our team of land professionals have managed many title and leasing projects throughout the country and can be relied on for any land needs. Aspired Energy, Inc. is committed to delivering above expectations by utilizing its extensive workforce of individuals demonstrating the highest levels of integrity, competency, and experience. Contact us to get started!


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Our industry is constantly changing with new rules, laws and regulations that affect many aspects of our work. In addition, new discoveries and technology are creating and sustaining projects nationwide!


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Land Services

  • Leasehold Take-Offs
  • Abstracts
  • Mineral Ownership Reports
  • Lease Acquisitions
  • Mapping (BLM/State/Fee)
  • Drill Site and DDOTO Curative
  • Due Diligence Projects
    (in-house & field review)
  • Working Interest A&D
  • BLM/State Nominations (EOI)
  • BLM/State/County Lease Auctions
  • Lease Admin (Fee/State/BLM)
  • Surface Use Agreements
  • Seismic, ROW, Pipelines




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